the non-destructive controls around you.


We are a young and dinamic staff of technicians, trainers and development staff. Since 2012, our core business is Not Destructive and Semi-Destructive Controls, in all their forms. Our services are built on reliability and we are a certified company according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. We are an Authorized Training Center Bureau Veritas and a staff of Certified Operators at Level II and Level III for performing surveys and in situ tests. Every feature is functional to the elaboration we make at our studio for public and private customers, returning detailed technical details. Find out more about us.


Our services are divided into two major sectors: TRAINING AND TESTING ON THE FIELD. Training, as a Bureau Veritas authorized center provides, according to the relevant regulations in force, specific training courses for the second level certification of non-destructive in situ staff in the civil and industrial sector. With the term "Test on the Field" is meant the provision of on-site specific survey services (carried out by 3rd level Technicians) with third-party investigations and, on the other, consultancy and realization activities In its entirety of vulnerability studies, static testing, background analysis and design, for public and private buyers. Discover our services.


We can say now that we are skilled enough in this area. CNDs are our job. The great advantage offered by this kind of investigation is enclosed in the possibility of applying them without altering - or by doing so in a very limited way - the object of the investigation. The Tests are applicable to different types of materials and for various purposes. There are specific tests for the characterization of concrete in use and tests for the elastic modulus determination and the homogeneity of the masonry. Tests for the physical and geological characterization of the terrain, for the mapping of underground sub-services or foundations. There are then tests applicable to an extended number of sectors, such as Thermography. Load tests, which are fundamental for testing new construction structures or requiring structural adjustments or modifications. In the industrial sector, Non Destructive Testing is essential and enforced at the end of the production cycle of welded steel components to check its quality or integrity or existing structures to control its conservation status. Find out all the tests.



A great competitive advantage of our Training Center is an e-learning platform dedicated to online teaching, a compulsory step ahead of front-line training and classroom exercises. Online tutorials exploit the potential of the Internet to provide synchronous and / or asynchronous training to users who can access course content anytime and anywhere where an internet connection exists. The platform allows for compulsory training hours according to the Bureau Veritas regulations for access to the certification exam, allowing companies and free professionals to better reconcile continuous training and upgrading with the professional and family commitments of Technicians. Find out more about the e-learning platform of the Center. Discover the distance training platform.



To contact PSC call the number: +39 059 748 408 or the number +39 377 431 92 96. The PSC Headquarters is located in Solignano Nuovo, Castelvetro, in the province of Modena. The Center has a well-equipped training room and is a 5-minute drive from Maranello. Accessible by public transport. The general e-mail address is: For all contacts click here.